KP-disc-type-thyristor (1)

Thyristor Types N0335SC120

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Phase Control Thyristor Types N0335SC120 to N0335SC160 Absolute Maximum Ratings VOLTAGE RATINGS MAXIMUM LIMITS UNITS VDRM Repetitive peak off-state voltage, (note 1) 1200-1600 V VDSM Non-repetitive peak off-state voltage, (note 1) 1200-1600 V VRRM Repetitive peak reverse voltage, (note 1) 1200-1600 V VRSM Non-repetitive peak reverse voltage, (note 1) 1300-1700 V OTHER RATINGS MAXIMUM LIMITS UNITS IT(AV) Mean on-state current, Tsink=55°C, (note 2) 335 A IT(AV) Mean on-state current. Tsink=85°C, (note 2) 226 A IT(RMS) Nominal RMS on-state current, Tsink=25°C, (note 2) 355 A IT(d.c.) D.C. on-state current, Tsink=25°C, (note 4) 355 A ITSM Peak non-repetitive surge tp=10ms, VRM=0.6VRRM, (note 5) 4650 A ITSM2 Peak non-repetitive surge tp=10ms, VRM≤10V, (note 5) 5120 A I 2 t I2 t capacity for fusing tp=10ms, VRM=0.6VRRM, (note 5) 108×103 A2 s I 2 t I 2 t capacity for fusing tp=10ms, VRM≤10V, (note 5) 131×103 A2 s (di/dt)cr Maximum rate of rise of on-state current (repetitive), (Note 6) 500 A/µs Maximum rate of rise of on-state current (non-repetitive), (Note 6) 1000 A/µs VFGM Peak forward gate voltage 18 V IFGM Peak forward gate current 20 A VRGM Peak reverse gate voltage 5 V PG(AV) Mean forward gate power 2 W PGM Peak forward gate power (100µs pulse width) 100 W VGD Non-trigger gate voltage, (Note 7) 0.25 V THS Operating temperature range -40 to +125 °C Tstg Storage temperature range -40 to +150 °C Notes:- 1) De-rating factor of 0.13% per °C is applicable for Tj below 25°C. 2) Double side cooled, single phase; 50Hz, 180° half-sinewave. 3) Single side cooled, single phase; 50Hz, 180° half-sinewave. 4) Double side cooled. 5) Half-sinewave, 125°C Tj initial. 6) VD=80% VDRM, IFG=1A, tr≤1µs, Tcase=125°C. 7) Rated VDRM.